Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Fruity Vodkatinis and Margaritas

Two new cocktail recipes include a rich raspberry and elderflower vodkatini named La Boheme (pictured), and a fruity Margarita created by Dick Bradsell, named The Flirt. The Margarita page is now looking pretty healthy...

The Famous Bartenders page is gradually growing in detail with some extra links added and a new entry for British cocktail genius, Dick Bradsell.

The Tools of the Trade page, recommending the very best in cocktail equipment for the home bar has had a considerable revamp. Its now slap bang up to date and looks a lot sharper.

The visual food sites like Taste Spotting and Food Gawker have been getting our interest lately. If you've not seen it already, please check out our homage to them, the Cocktail Wall. There's lots of potential to do stuff with this basic concept so please let us know if you like it.

Today's update also includes a host of the usual touch ups, minor corrections and extra links.

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